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May 12, 1999

Aeroterra Announces New Directors: Ing. Esteban Takacs and Ing. Pedro Barbero

Buenos Aires, Argentina. - Aeroterra S.A. (Buenos Aires) has appointed Esteban Takacs as Forestry Director. Takacs is managing two major forest inventory projects in Argentina-native forests inventory for the Secretaria de Recursos Naturales y Desarrollo Sostenible, and plantation forests inventory for the Secretaria de Agricultura.

Takacs has an internationally distinguished career as a forestry researcher, manager, and statesman, including Subsecretary of Argentina's Subsecretariate of Agriculture and Livestock (1970-71), and Renewable Natural Resources (1971-73). From 1976-81), he was Argentina's Ambassador to Canada. He has served as officer and director to several forest products companies, is a member of the Buenos Aires National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Agronomy. In addition to Director of Aeroterra, S.A. Takacs is President of the Argentina Forestry Research Center.

Aeroterra S.A. (Buenos Aires) has also appointed Pedro Barbero as Commercial Director. In his new role, Barbero will oversee marketing and sales, technical support, and training and education departments.

Barbero has 15 years of marketing and business development experience in the USA, Italy, and Argentina. He is an industrial engineer with an MBA from Columbia University (New York).

Aeroterra, founded in 1973, is the leading company in Latin America providing geoprocessing services and products to diverse markets, including forestry, agriculture, petroleum exploration, mining, urban and rural cadasters, telecommunications and business geographics. Aeroterra is also the exclusive representative for Argentina and Uruguay of the leading geoinformation companies, including ESRI, ERDAS and Radarsat.